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CON-TEST carries considerable professional credentials, clients need to know that their equipment is working to its fullest potential.

CON-TEST has voluntarily submitted itself, its technical staff, instruments and methods for review and assessment by national and international accreditation bodies.

Our firm has a staff of 25 including 18 fully qualified and competent technicians.

We are an ISO 9001-2008 registered company and were the first Canadian Company to become NEBB accredited for Cleanroom performance testing.

CON-TEST employees serve on Committees developing operating procedures and National Standards both in Canada and the United States of America.

CON-TEST has received accreditations from several national and international Standards and other regulatory organizations and is a member of major national and international associations prominent in our industry.

  • Accreditations
  • ISO Logo


    ISO accreditation requires CON-TEST to demonstrate its closely monitored quality control system to International Standards Organization-approved auditors. The quality of staff, training, equipment and materials used, procedures and documentation are verified. As members of this internationally recognized quality management organization, CON-TEST confirms its leading position in the marketplace for the performance testing of Cleanrooms, Laminar Flow Work Stations, HEPA filtered HVAC Systems and Biological Safety Cabinets. ISO certification eliminates the need for CON-TEST clients to audit its' services, while customers are assured of the CON-TEST commitment to quality.

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  • NSF Logo


    As the standards setting agency for the manufacture and certification of Biological Safety Cabinets, this agency accredits technicians and sets clear requirements as to the type of equipment to be used and the procedures to be followed. CON-TEST technicians had to show their competence in both a written examination and a series of practical tests. There are annual requirements to maintain accreditation including skills upgrading, equipment use, and periodic re-tests.

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  • NEBB Logo


    CON-TEST is accredited by this U.S. based bureau for Cleanroom performance testing. N.E.B.B. accreditation requires CON-TEST to have a complete set of equipment, appropriately maintained, for Cleanroom certification. CON-TEST must designate a Cleanroom supervisor who must pass written and practical examinations and have five years experience in the field. Continual upgrading of employee skills is also a requirement, as is biannual recertification.

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  • Laboratory Safety
  • Biohazard Logo Safety in the laboratory is fundamental to CON-TEST and its employees. Many of the employees have taken the Laboratory Safety Course conducted by Health Canada where they have also instructed in the area of Biological Safety Cabinets. CON-TEST employees have also attended the Harvard School of Public Health. All technicians are immunized for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis, and Rabies. Regular Mantoux tests confirm immunity to Tuberculosis. Some CON-TEST staff are immunized for Q fever.
  • Memberships
  • Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology


    The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology is an international professional organization dedicated to enhancing process and product quality through the advancement of controlled environmental technologies. The I.E.S. establishes and maintains standards, recommended practices, educational programs and communications forums. CON-TEST is a member of the Institute, meeting I.E.S. standards for testing of HEPA filters and systems.

  • CETA Logo


    The Controlled Environment Testing Association promotes and advances the independent testing and performance evaluation of controlled environments. The development of new testing standards and methodologies based on emerging industry technology is a fundamental activity. Certification programs for testing personnel and education programs are supported by the Association. CON-TEST is a founding member of CETA.

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  • ABSA Logo


    A.B.S.A. is dedicated to expanding biological safety awareness and promoting the development of work practices, equipment, and facilities to reduce the potential for occupational illness and adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically derived materials. CON-TEST has been an active member of the Association since its inception in 1984 and regularly participates in its educational courses and conferences.

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  • PDA Logo


    PDA is at the leading edge of development in the field of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology. Production, validation, FDA requirements, education, and research are just some of PDA's many areas of activity. The pharmaceutical industry is an important business sector to CON-TEST and membership provides opportunities to be up-to-date and informed of customers' needs.