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Quality Technicians You Can Trust

Safety in the laboratory or workplace is fundamental to CON-TEST and its employees. Many of the technicians have taken Laboratory safety courses conducted by Health Canada, or the Harvard School of Public Health. Regular attendance at conferences and refresher training courses keeps our technicians up to date and current. Technicians are immunized for Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis, and Rabies enabling them to work in most research facilities. Some technicians are also immunized for Q fever. A regular monitoring program with a corporate doctor is in place.

Equipment used by CON-TEST technicians are current and calibrated to exacting standards. When working in state of the art facilities our clients should expect nothing less than the same type of technology from their service providers. Technicians have a set of equipment maintained by them and handled with the care that it demands.

You can count on CON-TEST service technicians to provide certifications you can trust. Of course problems get repaired, but the technicians at CON-TEST go one step further: they always suggest the most economical and appropriate solutions to enable the standards and your needs to be met and the regulatory requirements to be fulfilled.

With the objective of providing professional services, CON-TEST has adopted an approach based on a clear understanding of our client's needs. Through extensive internal training and participation in factory sponsored courses our technicians are knowledgeable of the type of equipment used in the marketplace and the right maintenance procedures.

When faced with a new situation our wealth of experience can be brought to bear to provide a reasoned solution.