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Cleanroom Specialists

CON-TEST. is a leading Canadian company specializing in the design, supervision, commissioning, monitoring, testing and classification of controlled environments for micro-electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, research and development and similar facilities.

We have exceptionally strong working relationships with many engineering, architectural and planning firms with whom we collaborate in the development, design, construction, inspection, testing and commissioning of Cleanrooms, containment systems and other specialized facilities.
We also provide extensive consulting and advisory services to our clients.

CON-TEST employs "State of the Art" equipment for its cleanroom testing, certification and classification programs.

Some important differentiating factors that CON-TEST brings to all projects are:
  • Unparalleled cleanroom experience and technical knowledge
  • Strong expertise in the selection and implementation of current technologies
  • Focus on client service and responsiveness
  • Focus on problem solving, setting and reaching objectives, recognition of "human factors" in all investigations and solution.
  • A corporate commitment to total quality management