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HEPA Filtration

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters designed to remove a minimum of 99.97% of airborne particulates are the primary components in cleanroom and containment devices and systems. Such theoretical ratings can only be validated if the filter and its installation have been challenged with an adequate concentration of test aerosol and the "downstream" or clean side performance verified with a calibrated light scattering photometer.

Standard test protocols will locate leaks and permit repairs to be made, or the filter replaced if repairs are not possible. This testing is crucial in determining the integrity of HEPA filtered systems and the equipment in the "as used" condition.

HEPA filters installed in containment equipment or air supply systems need to be leak tested regularly to confirm their integrity and compliance with various standards and/or government audit requirements. CON-TEST can test individual filters or multiple filter HVAC systems up to 250,000 cfm, with modern and calibrated equipment. Leaks can be repaired when identified. Where repairs are inappropriate filters can be replaced at the discretion of the customer.

CON-TEST carries an extensive inventory of HEPA filters, including many "non-standard" sizes and capacities. These filters are readily available for emergency needs. A good working relationship with several filter suppliers also enables CON-TEST to remain knowledgeable on current filter trends and technology, enabling us to provide expert advice on filter selection.