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Justice and Forensic Sciences

The changes in the ability of the various police forces to gather and hold evidence has improved dramatically as have the tools they use. The safe handling, storage and processing of evidence while avoiding cross contamination has enabled many criminal cases to proceed to their rightful conclusion. There have also been improvements to the facilities used for incarceration.

Con-Test has been providing testing services to numerous police forces throughout our history as the awareness of the risks involved has increased.
In the forensic laboratory we test for certification fume hoods, evidence lockers, ductless fume hoods, finger print dusting equipment, biosafety cabinetry and other HEPA filtered air systems.

Con-Test has experience that has been instrumental in assisting forensic specialists in the selection and safe use of these cabinets.

We are familiar with most forensic equipment sold to police laboratories and can advise on maintenance decisions such as filter replacement.

Our annual certification program, to applicable standards and specifications, for this type of equipment has been accepted by regulatory auditors. The services we provide meet the requirements of our ISO 9001 quality registration.

When incarcerated individuals are carriers of infectious diseases, holding cells that are under negative pressure, often requiring HEPA filtered exhaust, are mandated. Our test protocols can confirm the status of these rooms and the performance of the exhaust filtration systems if installed.

Additionally we can decontaminate morgues and other potentially contaminated areas with various decontaminants or disinfectants.

Con-Test is proud to have supplied our testing services to the RCMP, Sûreté du Québec , Ontario Provincial Police and numerous city or regional police forces across Canada. We have also certified equipment for various Ministries of Justice and The Attorney General.