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Fume Hoods

A typical fume hood may contain fumes and exhaust an economical amount of air in one environment, yet that same fume hood may not perform satisfactorily when installed in a different location.

Contributing elements may include - differences in room layout, placement of other equipment, window and door position, supply and exhaust vent location, hood use, etc. Understanding the implications of all these factors is important to maintaining facility comfort while simultaneously containing hazardous fumes under all conditions to ensure the safety of building occupants.

There are many reasons to ensure a fume hood is operating at maximum efficiency and Con-Test provides a variety of testing packages to achieve this.

We offer the following

  1. Face velocity verifications
  2. Smoke visualization tests
  3. Room air flow analysis and pressurization tests
  4. Tracer gas containment tests
  5. Response tests for VAV Fume hoods (an often overlooked test requirement!!)
  6. Fume hood alarm verifications and calibrations
  7. Complete fumehood tests packages in accordance with the most current standards and guidelines
    ANSI/AIHA Z9.5 - 2003
    ASHRAE 110
    SEFA - 1
    CSA Z316.5
    WorkSafe BC OHS Guidelines Part 30
    Atomic Energy Board of Canada R 52

The most accurate and quantitative standardized fume hood test protocol available today is the ASHRAE 110 test.

Very few companies in North America can offer this test due to the specialized equipment and skill required. Con-Test has been performing ASHRAE 110 tests for customers across the country and we are proud to be one of those very few companies with that capability.

When it comes to fume hood testing, you truly do get what you pay for.

If all you need is a quick verification of the velocity, and that is sufficient for your needs, then that can be done for a very economical fee.

If you want a more comprehensive evaluation, then a test protocol from an appropriate organization listed above is the way to go.

If you need your fume alarm adjusted and calibrated so it too does what it is supposed to do, then we can add that to the list and do it when we test the hood.

If you want to be very sure about a fume hood's performance in your laboratory, then a complete test incorporating the ASHRAE 110 protocol is the best choice.

Whatever you need, Con-Test is fully prepared to conduct fume hood testing to meet your needs.